Lexuma X2O: Water Repellent Spray for Electronic Devices

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Model: XWP-1010 / XWP-1100

X2O, Water Repellent Spray, IPX4 rating, LexumaX2O, Water Repellent Spray, IPX4 rating, Lexuma

Water Protection within 15 min 

X2O is a protective coating for electrical and electronics applications, based on the
latest technology. It expels all moisture and forms a flexible and water-repellent layer
against the ingress of moisture and corrosion. It has a particularly penetrating force, for
an excellent lubricating effect, short circuit and prevents rust on all metal parts and is
resistant to extreme temperatures. This product is ideal for distributor caps, electric
motors, equipment, switches, wiring amongst other electrical and electronic applications.

  • Applicable on all electrical connection points and moving parts
  • Food-grade coating oil based
  • Unique properties based on 4 coating ingredients
  • Apply every 6 months
  • Transparent liquid
  • Non - film forming
  • Lubricating effect
  • Highly reversible
  • Amphiphilic property
  • Repels moisture, condensation, rust, dirt, grease
  • Even distribution on mineral and metallic surfaces
  • Fills in micro-cracks
  • Does not affect electrical conductivity
  • Non-irritating to skin
  • Absolute effectiveness at temperatures between -50C and 140C
  • Easily cleaned by household detergents in case of spillage

Easy Application

X2O, Water Repellent Spray, IPX4 rating, Lexuma


X2O, Water Repellent Spray, IPX4 rating, Lexuma

Concentration in Consumer Canisters

 Liquids 40 vol% water repellent coating
Gas 60 vol% LPG
Color Light brown
Container Sizes 10 / 100 / 250 ml