Hong Kong Apple Daily video interview: Lexuma Director, Kelvin Ip, introducing latest waterproofing gadget - X2O waterproof spray

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We are so delighted and honored to be invited by Hong Kong Apple Daily a week ago and

introduced our latest waterproofing Star - X2O Waterproof Spray.

Our director Kelvin Ip made demonstrations on how to apply X2O spray, how

effective it is and what technological techniques are involved.


Lexuma X2O waterproof spray - Interview

The video interview is finally out and available at Hong Kong Apple Daily Website!

Click http://bit.ly/appledaily_X2O to check out the interview.

We are thrilled to share this water repellent gadget and we are sure that X2O is the best solution to your water problems.

You Spray it. We Keep it Dry!


HK apple daily interview - X2O waterproof spray

X2O waterproof spray is designed especially for Electronic devices with Nanotechnology.

It is unique and different from those waterproofing sprays for shoes and clothes.

The nano layer expels water particles and protects your electronic devices with

IPX4 and IPX7 water protection!

It is also highly reversible, applicable to all electronic devices and do not cause

short-circuit or malfunction of devices.

Smartphones, computers, drones, cameras, charging cables...all these electronic devices will be free

from water damage with X2O waterproof spray.

apple daily interview - Lexuma X2O spray

Don’t hesitate anymore!

Visit our website and know more about this advanced waterproof spray.

Click this link now: https://bit.ly/2MD0HwF 


Hong Kong Apple Daily Interview on Lexuma X2O