Terms of Use of X2O Water Repellent Spray

Terms of Use of X2O Waterproof Spray

  1. X2O Water Repellent Spray applies a preventive coating designed to protect your devices from damages in the event of accidental liquid exposure. We assume no responsibility for water or other damages to your device, as we have no knowledge whether the device is used according to our stated terms of use.

  2. The application of X2O Waterproof Spray to your devices should not void the warranty. X2O is designed to protect your device against short term accidental water exposure (Salt water, sea water and corrosive liquids excluded). You should be aware however that exposing your device to water can void your device manufacturer’s warranty, even if it is protected by X2O. We recommend that you do not deliberately submerge your device in liquid in any circumstances.

  3. We never suggest or recommend that your device may come in contact with water or any other liquid. If your device is ever exposed to water or any other liquids, please refer to the “Defensive Measures”. Failure to follow our guidelines may limit any warranty rights. 

  4. We do not warrant that the coating of your device will work under all conditions (such as intentional submersion in water). We warrant that the coating will be applied to your device in accordance with our design specifications and that neither the coating material nor the application process will damage your device. We are not responsible for any damage that may occur to your device, including, but not by way of limitation, through your use or misuse of your device.

  5. Waterproof coating "does not affect the manufacturer's warranty"do not included for device original manufacturer's warranty after accident exposed to water or other liquids.(Please refer to product website for your products Terms & Conditions)

  6. Due to the nature of our business, we are unable to offer any refunds after our X2O Water Resistant Spray treatments.

Defensive Measures

If your electronics wet, we suggest that you follow the following steps to prevent your electronic products are permanently damaged, even your electronic products do not show any signs of function failure. 

  • Turn power off and remove the battery immediately.
  • Do not charge for the electronic products within 24 hours. It will caused permanent damage if water or liquid are stays at high power charging,
  • Vigorous shaking will potentially damage the LCD screen, we does not recommend to use the hairdryer or shaking electronic products for dry.
  • Use with a dry cloth or paper towel to dry surface water.
  • Let stand at least 24 hours of electronic products for pending internal excess water to flow away.
  • If the electronics severely wet water, we recommend disabling the electronics turned off at least 48 hours, allowed to dry naturally (recommend using a dehumidifier or a dehumidifier of the product) and then re-charge for use.


Lexuma Limited reserves all rights and final decision in case of dispute.