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Lexuma 辣數碼


Lexuma Limited(辣數碼有限公司) have been in the power technology industry since 2009. Our group of creative professionals are ready to support and surprise you.

Our expertises are in the design of innovative and leading edge electronic products, with a focus in the power related field. We are committed to offering our clients high quality premium products. Lexuma has got 2018 HK Best Digital Accessories Startup Brand, 2019 & 2020 Outstanding Brand, and and we assure satisfying products and service. We have been cooperating with different online platforms, airlines and sports retail stores so as to introduce more advanced electronic gadgets to the public.

Lexuma 辣數碼 best startup brand 2018      Lexuma 辣數碼 best startup brand 2019  Lexuma 辣數碼 best startup brand 2020

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Our products:

All our products are for both office and home use, and are thoroughly tested for safety and usability. This ensures all our products will be delivered to you at the best quality. 

Lexuma products can be supplied under the Lexuma brand, or we can label them with your own custom logo or trademark.

Please feel free to contact us with your OEM and ODM inquiries. We would love to work with you and build up your brand with great success. 

Lexuma provides worldwide free shipping for our products (There are some special arrangement on Free Shipping due to the serious situation of Coronavirus. Please refer to Shipping Policy for more details) and ensure a pleasant shopping experience on Lexuma.com. Latest news of products are shown on Lexuma Blogs so that you can get to learn the most updated news of Lexuma. Welcome to visit our Youtube ChannelFacebook and Instagram and know more about us.

Please feel free to contact us via info@lexuma.com anytime if you would like to know more about our products. Come and check us out!

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