Frequently Asked Questions

XSIM - Dual SIM Card Adatper

Initial Setup

How do I install SIMPlus apps?

How / Where do I insert my secondary SIM?

What frequency does XSIM support? Does it support 2G/ 3G / 4G?

How long is the standby time of XSIM?

How does XSIM actually work?

Connection / Disconnection

How do I connect my mobile with XSIM?

How do I disconnect my phone with XSIM?

I cannot make any call / receive any call

Phone Calls / SMS

How do I call via XSIM?

How do I receive SMS via XSIM?


How do I enable cloud feature?

How to use Cloud feature?

LED Power Indicator

What does each LED color represent?


How do I charge up XSIM?

What's the capacity of XSIM?

How do I know XSIM is charged up fully?


How to enable anti-theft feeature

XMAG - Magnetic Charging USB Cable


When will longer cables be available?

How long is the cord?

When will usb type c connector be available?

Can you use the adapter with waterproof phones in the water or does it need to be removed?

Fast Charging

Does it have fast charge?

Does it allow quick charge 3.0?

Purchase missing parts / replacement


Will this work with type c charging for ZTE zmax pro?

Does this charger fit the new Galaxy S8 +