IPX International Rating

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Lexuma X2O water resistant spray provides IPX4 and IPX7 waterproof protection for electronics. What is IPX international rating?


IP is an acronym "Ingress Protection". It is a measurement of the protection an item will have against solid objects (dust, sand, dirt, etc.) and liquids.

An IP rating is comprised of 2 numbers. The first number refers to the protection against solid objects (dust, etc) and the second number refers to protection against liquids.

IPX rating - technology blog waterproof water resistant water repellent splash proof IP65 rating

What is IP Rating?

Each IP rating has two numbers, both of which give you information about the protection level. A higher number means greater protection against solids and liquids.

- The first number (0-6) refers to the level of protection against solid objects and moving parts, such as dust, debris, or other solid matter.

- The second number (0-8) references the level of liquid and moisture protection.

Take a look at the chart below to better understand the protection offered with each number.

IPX rating - technology blog rating chart waterproof water resistant

Lexuma X2O waterproof spray for electronics and industrial machinery provides IPX4 and IPX7 water resistant protection. If you applied X2O, your device will be unharmed from Splash of water from any angle and even Submersion of 1m deep water. Interested in this water repellent spray? Check out X2O waterproof spray now!


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