The Importance of Magnetic Charging

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Magnetic charging is the new charging trend for smartphones and Apple Watch series. Why it's important to modern electronic gadgets?


Magnetic cables comparison - lexuma blog broken cables  Magnetic cables comparison lexuma blog broken iphone lightning cable Magnetic cables comparison


Just like we need food and drink to keep us alive, your mobile device needs constant charging to stay alive and perform well. Sometimes, if the pins in the charge port are broken or bent, you will face difficulties in charging the mobile without holding the cable in a certain position. Charging will be cut off and the mobile constantly reports "charging starting". The most common solution is get your mobile repaired at professional electronics stores.

However, we all want durable and fast charging cables for mobiles. This is the reason why magnetic charging cables are invented and become our necessities.


Benefits of Magnetic Charging Cables:


1. Durability: The Magnetic Charging Cable is made of Military grade material which makes it anti-break. It will save you the cost of purchasing charging cables regularly.

2. Fast Charging: If you wish to get your electronic device fully charged in a short period of time, this Magnetic Charging Cable is a must-have gadget for you. With fast charging function, Thanks to Magnetic charging feature, XMag saves 25% of the charging time and much more efficient than the normal charging cables.


Magnetic cables comparison lexuma blog magnetic cable vs normal cable


3. User-friendly and Easy to Use: No charging cable is as friendly as the Magnetic Charging Cable. It’s extremely easy to plug in the charging port of your device with magnetic feature. You don’t have to struggle with inserting your cable into your phone in the dark or while driving as the magnets are strong.


4. Less damage to charging port: With Magnetic charging cable, you can insert the tip into the charging port in advance and just magnetically stick the cable to it. The smartphone’s charging port will take less wear and tear, hence extends the life of the device.

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Comparing to other charging cables, why choose Lexuma XMag?

1. Neodymium magnet provides magnetic power at a temperature as high as 200 degree Celsius. Lexuma utilizes the highest class of magnet in the industry. This ensures the stability of XMag over other existing cables.


2. Auto-centering and Reversible Plug allow the charging tip to accurately and firmly attached to the magnetic cable. Both side of the plug can be fit perfectly to the tip and your smartphones’ charging port. Auto-centering makes plugging so easy and magnetic, even when you are driving. Charging starts immediately when the tip and the cable are connected. Just a plug and XMag does the charging for you.


3.Light indicator on the cable to indicate charging status and help you locate your cable in the dark or while driving. Once your connect the magnetic cable to any electrical source, the white light will be on. The light will be off once you finished charging or disconnect the magnetic cable from the source.


4. Dust proofing your charging port is another advanced feature of XMag. As you can insert the magnetic tip to your smartphone beforehand, your charging port will always be dust-free.


magnetic charging lexuma blog magnetic cable fast charge reversible plug LED light indicator lexuma blog magnetic charging cable dust proof


5. Qualcomm 2.0/3.0 are supported by this magnetic charging cable, with both 9V/2A and 12V/1.5A outlet rating. XMag provides you with fast and efficient charging with Qualcomm.


Lexuma magnetic charging cable improves your charging quality and convenience. With auto-centering and reversible tip features, you can plug in anytime in any condition. XMag supports both Apple and Android devices with magnetic fast charging which greatly reduced the charging time. You can even switch between data transfer and fast charging with a click. Stop using old charging cables. Change to magnetic charging cables at once.


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