Magnetic Charging Cables - Brand Comparison

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How to choose the best magnetic charging cable for smartphones and other daily electronics?


If you are looking for a magnetic charging cable for your iPhone or Android phone, you’ve probably come across many different brands and models. Choosing the best one among hundreds of magnetic charging cables can sometimes be a hassle. This article will compare 4 brands of charging cables and help you choose the most efficient one.


Lexuma 辣數碼 XMag Magnetic Lightning Cable for iphone apple device

Lexuma XMAG

Lexuma magnetic cable comparison

W Brand Cable

Lexuma magnetic cable comparison

N Brand Cable

Lexuma magnetic cable comparison

A Brand Cable


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Key features that you need to pay attention to:


1. Magnetic Force: an excellent way to help you keep your devices fully charged no matter where you are. Instead of pushing the charging tip into your phone like many other chargers, the magnet will easily secure itself into your phone and is strong enough to hold the cable without it falling off. It is perfect for drivers too since the magnetic connection makes it easy to connect. There is no need to plug it in, just slide it in, and the magnetism will do the rest. For magnetic charging cables with weak magnetic, if you don’t check to make sure that this charger is fully secure to your device, it might not fully charge it.

    magnetic cables brand comparison lexuma blog xmag iphone cable android cable


    2. Fast Charging: the most crucial feature for a charging cable. We all want to charge our smartphones in a short period of time so magnetic cables with fast charging feature is more desired. Therefore, we need to pay attention to the charging current of the cable. Most of the magnetic charging cable provides 0.5A to 1A charging current. Of course higher current is better but safety is also a concern. Both efficiency and safety are challenges for cable inventors.


    magnetic cables brand comparison lexuma blog iphone android samsung charging cable


    3. Auto-centering: perfectly connect the charging tip and the cable magnetically. This feature isn’t easy to achieve since the strongest military magnet is needed. Auto-centering means that you can easily locate and plug in the charging cable even when driving or in the dark.


    magnetic cables brand comparison lexuma blog android micro usb iphone lightning


    4. Dual side charging: supported with removable adapter tip. Both the tip and the magnetic charging cable can be used at both sides. You can easily snap the cable to the tip and start charging without damaging the charging port. With a removable tip, you can insert it into the smartphone to keep dust out of the charging port. A magnetic charging cable with dual side charging and removable tip really make charging so easy than before.


    magnetic cables brand comparison lexuma blog iphone apple lightning cable micro usb cable



    Apart from the above four special points, a high-quality magnetic charging cable will also be equipped with LED lights to how if your smartphone is charging or not. Moreover, the cable should be durable and long enough so you’ll be able to move around with your device.

    As we can see from the comparison, Lexuma’s magnetic charging cable is better than some other brands in the market. With QC2.0/3.0 fast charging, auto-centering and strong magnetic connection, this cable guarantees efficient charging and stands out from other cables.

    Hope this article can help you choose the suitable charging cable for smartphones. Thank you.


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