Lexuma XTAG – Apple Watch Portable Charger User Operation Guide

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When a wireless apple watch charger suits the reality, would you still hold a long charging cable with you on street. Lexuma XTAG is a wireless portable charger dedicated for Apple Watch, fits outside and perfect on-the-go. Charging your apple watch becomes genuinely effortless and easy-breezy.

0:03 How to charge Apple Watch with Lexuma XTAG

0:04 Hold 3seconds to turn on 0:07 LED lights up to show current battery level.

0:11 Place it on white magnetic surface. 0:13 Charging Status: Display on apple watch automatically

0:17 XTAG LED LIGHTS 0:18 LED lights shows current battery level.


0:28 Plug XTAG with any Micro-USB cable.


0:41 Silver Grey

0:44 Deluxe Gold


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“Adequate Capacity”

Built-in rechargeable 700mAh polymer battery delivers up to 2 charges for your Apple Watch

“Portable Design”

Stylish and lightweight key-chain design. Classic and Original.

“Safety Guaranteed”

With protection against over-current, overheat and short circuit. Better safeguards your charging experience.

Magnetic charging Simply place your Apple Watch on the magnetic platform and get your watch charged up.




Color: Silver Grey or Gold

Dimension: 53.06mm x 39.90mm x 18.20mm

Weight: 51g

Certification: RoHS, CE, FCC, Reach, MFi Apple

Battery: 700mAh Li-Polymer battery

(Fully charge Apple Watch for up to 2 times)

Compatible with Apple Watch Series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and Nike+ Series 2 and 3, LTE (GPS plus Cellular)

More detail: https://www.lexuma.com/products/apple-watch-portable-charger Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LexumaOfficial/