Lexuma XScreen - Connection with Nintendo Switch |*Type-C Applicable to some Versions of Switch Only

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What’s the next Nintendo Switch game playstyle? You need a Lexuma XScreen 15.6” Touch Portable Monitor.

*** Attention: Only some Hardware Versions of Switch support Type-C Video output feature *** Please double check if your Switch can support Type-C Video output first. 



Lexuma XScreen 15.6” full HD touch screen is a simple on-the-go solution to travel with your Nintendo Switch and play on a full HD widescreen (15.6"), no Nintendo Switch Dock required.


Double down your gaming excitement and supports HDR. Avoid ghosting blurry issues.


Slim for great portability, making it perfect to carry with Nintendo Switch.

“178° WIDE ANGLE ”

178° Flexible Viewing Angle brings you a visual feast even viewed from different directions. You can enjoy all types of games and finish your work with two portable HD monitors. Extend your screen whenever with Lexuma XScreen.


Lexuma XScreen - 15.6" Touch Portable Monitor 1080P USB Powered Best On-The-Go 15.6" 1920x1080 Ultra Slim Portable Touch Screen Monitor with Universal Type-C / other Connection

Compatible with Windows Desktop / Laptop, Mac, Smartphone, Switch, PS4, TV Box, etc.

Product Page: https://www.lexuma.com/products/lexuma-xscreen-15-6-touch-portable-monitor-type-c-1080p-usb-powered


Video Overview:

Part 1:

0:17 Setting up XScreen monitor for Switch

Part 2:

0:48 Test running games on Switch with XScreen

Part 3:

1:06 Adjusting Volume


Step by Step guide:

1. 0:17 Press & Hold Menu button to turn on XScreen

2. 0:25 Connect to XScreen using Type-C to Type-C cable

3. 0:28 Turn on the Switch

4. 0:33 Connect another Type-C cable to Switch

5. 0:37 Slide out Joy-ConTM Controllers by pressing the small circle button at the back of switch

6. 0:48 Enjoying Switch with XScreen

7. 1:06 Adjusting Volume


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