Lexuma XScreen 15.6" Ultra Slim Portable Monitor - Connecting Laptop

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Your laptop screen is too small to display multiple documents at a time? An extra monitor might help you out. A Portable Monitor can make your time more useful.



Lexuma XScreen 15.6” full HD touch screen is the ultra tool for daily business meetings, presentations or regular business trips. XScreen can be carried around easily with our provided leather cover. It is an ideal solution for a simple on-the-go dual monitor setup and mobile presentation.


Increase productivity for almost 60% according to findings.


Slim for great portability, making it perfect for business presentations, frequent travels and dual monitor setups. It easily fits into a backpack or business bags. “15.6" LARGE TOUCH SCREEN”

No more small and blurred screens. Lexuma XScreen can be adjusted to a 178° wide angle. Switching between windows and software is not a case anymore.

You can enjoy all types of games and finish your work with two portable HD monitors. Extend your screen whenever with Lexuma XScreen.


Lexuma XScreen - 15.6" Touch Portable Monitor 1080P USB Powered

Best On-The-Go 15.6" 1920x1080 Ultra Slim Portable Touch Screen Monitor with Universal Type-C / other Connection

Compatible with Windows Desktop / Laptop, Mac, Smartphone, Switch, PS4, TV Box, etc.

Product Page: https://www.lexuma.com/products/lexuma-xscreen-15-6-touch-portable-monitor-type-c-1080p-usb-powered

More Product details: https://www.lexuma.com/collections Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LexumaOfficial


Operation steps:

Part 1:

0:02 “Display Setup”

0:04 Press Menu for 3s to turn on XScreen

0:06 Take out the Cable

0:07 Connect XScreen with side of cable

0:10 Connect your computer with side of cable

0:12 XScreen displays with signal


Part 2:

0:16 “Touchscreen Setup”

0:18 Take out a Type-C to Micro-USB Cable

0:19 Connect XScreen with side of Type-C Cable 0:20 Connect your computer with side of Micro-USB Cable

Part 3:

0:23 Functions

0:25 Highly Responsive Intrusive Touchscreen

0:33 Zoom in & out of Photos

0:44 Laptop changes to Tablet Mode from Laptop Mode

0:47 Type on XScreen with your computer’s built-in virtual keyboard


For Business & for Entertainment. Lexuma 15.6” XScreen is the best tool for you.

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