Lexuma XGerm Pro (XGM-S180) UV Sanitizer - Product Review

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XGerm Pro UV Sanitizer - Eliminate 99.99% of bacteria in daily necessities [Product Review]

Your Perfect disinfectant - Lexuma XGerm Pro UV Sanitizer for disinfecting your personal items.

To protect ourselves from the virus, we need to disinfect and clean our personal belongings every day. Some of our personal items such as earrings, watches, glasses, etc., are difficult to use alcohol for cleaning. Some items are not suitable to clean with alcohol. Recent research mentioned that we cannot spray the alcohol directly on to the mobile phone screen otherwise it will damage the mobile phone screen. So is there any disinfection methods that are convenient and will not damage the materials of the object?


Lexuma XGerm Pro is your best choice. It is a portable UV sanitizer which can help you to kill 99.9% of bacteria.

When we open the package, we can see the USB charging cable and also XGerm Pro. The design is tidy and simple with streamlined design. When we open the lid of XGerm Pro, we can see there are 2 UV lights. There are no buttons on XGerm Pro but one LED indicators. Compare with another model XGerm, the operation process is much more simple.

First, we need to connect the power supply with the USB cable given. Then, put your phone or other small items inside and close the lid. Once you close the lid, the sanitizing process with start automatically. The LED indicator keeps flashing in red which means your personal items are being disinfected. After 6- 15 minutes, you will see the red LED indicator stops flashing and stay on. It means the disinfection is done. You can open the lid and take out your personal items. The whole disinfection process is simple even for the first time user.


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