Lexuma XGerm Pro (XGM-S180) - Multi-functional Phone UV Sanitizer

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If you're aware of how dirty your cell phone gets, the new Lexuma XGerm PRO, a Multi-functional Mobile UV Sanitizer, is eliminating all the invisible and hidden bacteria, keep your phone clean as a whistle!

Our phones look clean, but they are NOT. We touch a lot of things everyday, but we always wash our hands time to time. The problem is, our phones touch what we touched, but do we really wash or clean our phones? As a recent research finds out that the germs on a mobile phone is 18 times more serious than that in a public restroom, a lot of us have just realized how MUCH DIRTIER that the stuff we're holding all the time are than we expected. But how are we going to 'wash' our phones technically?

To thoroughly eliminate 99.99% of the bacteria on our everyday items, we proudly present the new Lexuma XGerm Pro - multi-functional mobile UV sanitizer !

It's hard to not bring a phone with you, but now it is easy to stop bringing all the germs with you using the Lexuma XGerm Pro Phone UV Sanitizer!



1. Turn on XGerm Pro using a USB cable and place your mobile phone or other items into the sterilizer.

2. Close the lid of the device and it will start automatically. The flicker of the red indicating light indicates the on-going process of disinfection. The entire process takes about 6-15 minutes.

3. If the lid is opened during the process, the UV light will be automatically turned off, and re-activated once the lid is properly closed again.


Safety Warning:

Keep the sanitizer away from flame, water and any corrosive chemicals.

Do not clean the sanitizer with organic solvent.

Avoid looking at the ultraviolet lamp directly.



Model: XGM-S180-WH

Rated Input: Micro USB 5V/1.5A

UV wavelength: 254nm Working temperature: 0-55°C

Max. Power: 5W UV light power: 2W*2 Max. overall dimensions: 200 x 118 x 35mm

Max. sterilizing space: 170 x 90 x 17 mm

Lamp Life: 20,000 hours Certification: CE, FCC, RoHs, Report for analysis

Package includes: Lexuma XGerm Pro Phone UV Sanitizer x 1 USB Cable x 1 Instruction Manual x 1

More details: https://www.lexuma.com/collections/xgerm/products/lexuma-xgerm-pro-multi-functional-phone-uv-sanitizer

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