What Factors Affect Charging Speed?

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How to optimize charging speed for Apple devices and Android smartphones?


We all know that electronics devices like smartphones and laptops need regular charging everyday. Sometimes the device gets fully charged efficiently within 45 minutes. Sometimes an hour is passed but it's not even half-charged. What factors are actually affecting the charging speed? How can we charge our devices properly and efficiently? I believe this article will answer your questions.

There are 3 main factors that are affecting the charging speed of electronic devices. The charging cable, the way we charge and the status of the device.


Charging Cable:

Charging cables may look alike to us, but actually on the inside, the construction can be very different. This construction determines the cable's ability to carry a fast charging speed. The white and green are for data-transfer. The red and black are 5V and carry the power for charging. These two are in control of the charging speed. The best construction material for charging cable is definitely copper. Copper can transfer electricity efficiently and safely, and it won't be damaged easily due to rapid usage. Choosing a charging cable for your device isn't as easy as we may think. (Read Magnetic Charging Cables Comparison. We do the comparison for you.)

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The Way We Charge It:

We can charge our smartphones with a charging cable and any power source. Once there's a port, we can plug in the cable and start charging. The most typical example is your laptop's USB port. But this way of charging actually slows down the charging speed. USB ports usually only charge at 0.5A so it's going to take much more time comparing to a 1A power adapter. Second, if you connect your smartphone to the laptop, it's going to start syncing immediately, which causes your phone to charge even more slowly. To a certain extent, this way of charging may even damage your phone battery in long run.

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The Status of the Device:

We know that switching off the device before charging can raise the charging speed. Apart from this method, you can also put your device on Airplane Mode to speed up the charging process.

Little tips for daily charging: Switch off the unnecessary apps and websites regularly. Clear the message notification records so that your device can focus on charging. Keep your device at cool temperature and avoid charging in the pockets of your jackets.

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Being able to quickly charge your phone or tablet can mean the difference between hours of care-free use or scrambling to find the nearest coffee shop for a power outlet. If you wish for efficient charging experience, Lexuma XMAG magnetic charging cables would be the best choice for you. We have Android and Apple Lite and PLUS version. Check these fast charging cables out now.