Tips of Setting Up Home Office

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More than half of a year has been passed since the first case of COVID-19. This pandemic has changed everyone’s lifestyle in the world, for example, the way of schooling and working. In order to maintain social distancing, face-to-face interactions are not encouraged; therefore, online learning and home office become a trend..

Even though it is very convenient, there are still some points we should be aware of so as to protect our health and enhance our work effectiveness.

How can we protect our health and enhance our work effectiveness at the same time?

1. Own your working space


In order to maintain our work efficiency and effectiveness, a clear distinction between working space and resting space should be separate. Otherwise, we may feel ourselves always at work and lose a place to come home to. It will definitely lead us to a stressful and unhealthy lifestyle.

Also, it is very usual that we have to share a working space with our family, especially in Hong Kong, this compact city. However, if there are other people here in the same working environment, you may be distracted and worsen the work performance. Therefore, communication with family members in advance about the use of space is of utmost importance, so that we can be more concentrated on our job tasks.


2. Home office design


A beautiful decoration for home office can surely boost people’s creativity. As we may find that it is hard to motivate ourselves to work when we are staying in our home working on daily stuff, if we design our own little corner with great design, we may be able to get inspiration from the environment and work even more efficiently than at the office.


3. Get a good desk setup


Company office always has the best and essential items for work, for example, stationery, printers, high-speed internet, computer and an external monitor. Workers therefore can focus at work without any restrictions.

It is believed that the dual monitor setup is the most important part of maximizing work efficiency; but due to the limited space, our home office will not be well-equipped as our usual office. People can only focus their attention on a single small monitor of their laptop or PC, which will definitely hurt their eyesight.

If you are also the one who is suffering in this situation, Lexuma XScreen series will be the best product option to help you set up dual monitor within a limited space.

Why Lexuma XScreen series can help?

Slim and Portable Design


With the slim design of 9mm profile and light weight of about 1 kg (depends on the model), Lexuma XScreen is portable and easy to carry around. Even if you only have very limited space at space, you can still enjoy a dual monitor setup by using this portable monitor.

Besides, this portable monitor is a perfect tool for carrying around for your work or studies, specifically daily business meetings, presentations, reports, and business trips. With the small power consumption of the monitor display, you can edit and manage your work anytime.

Easy to Use


For all the wired models of XScreen, all you need to do is to connect your device with XScreen by a Type-C cable or pther cables, and turn XScreen, the lightweight portable external monitor on.

And for wireless model, after turning on both of your device and XScreen, with just a few more connection steps, you can instantly get what you want: a large screen with a great display that helps you to utilize your work or gaming!

High Resolution


For all the 1080P models,they have an HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, as well as the HDR image enhancement. No matter if you are working from home or learning online, you can enjoy larger screen sizes with well resolution.

Besides, Lexuma XScreen series also has a 4K model. It has 4K Ultra-HD resolution (3840 x 2160 pixel) and vivid color. The brilliant colour and clarity which is perfect for photographers, video editors, gamers etc.

For detailed tutorial of connection setup, please refer to our blog XScreen Connection Quick Guide.

Sensitive Touchscreen Function


By just simply plugging in a Type C cable to connect your device and XScreen, the touchscreen function will be activated. Thanks to its portability and touchscreen function, you can use it as an enlarged version of your phone. Your files and documents can be managed at your fingertips easily!

**The touch screen function of XScreen is available to Type-C data output. If your devices do not support Type-C data output, you can still activate the touch screen function by using the USB A to Type-C Cable.

**XScreen Wireless model does not support this function.

High Compatibility


XScreen series is highly compatible with a lot of different devices, for wired models of XScreen, they are compatible with:

-PS4, Xbox One, Switch* and other gaming consoles

-Smartphones, Windows PC, laptops: Huawei, Oppo, Samsung, Apple MacBook, ChromeBook, etc.

-Huawei Mate10, P20, Mate20 X, Oppo R17 Pro, Samsung S8, S8+, S9, S9+, S10e, S10, S10+, Note 8, Note 9

-Laptops: MacBook 12", MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Xiaomi Air 12.5/13.3", Pro 15.6" etc.

If you are not sure whether your own devices which can output video over Type-C connection, you can check the list of devices <HERE>.

If your device is not supported by Type C, you can also check if it supports other connection.

Wireless model of XScreen is compatible with:

- PC (windows 10), MacBook

- Tablets, Smartphones that support screen mirroring functions

Android: SmartView (Samsung), Screen Sharing (LG), Screen Mirroring (Sony), etc.

Apple: AirPlay/ Screen Mirroring

Various Models

As mentioned earlier, there are 5 models in the XScreen series. Each of them has different features, which can fit different people’s needs.

Wired Version
Wireless Version

XScreen 1080P (With/ Without Built-In Battery)


XScreen Wireless


XScreen with Metallic Casing 1080P / 4K


Under this tough time, despite the fact that we need to change our way to interact with others, thanks to the advancement of technology, many of us can still continue to work. If you are struggling on how to set up your home office in a good way, hope the above recommendations can give some inspiration to you!


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