Pros and Cons of Waterproof Smartphones

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Hundreds of waterproof smartphone in the market, what are their pros and cons?


When we talk about waterproof smartphones, what we’re often referring to is water-resistant phones. The common waterproof definition is “impervious to water.” Smartphones are not truly impervious to water, but instead are resistant to water in certain circumstances. The highest smartphone water resistance rating right now is IP68, which means certified devices can survive in 1.5 metres of fresh water for up to 30 minutes. In this article, we will know more about the pros and cons of waterproof smartphones. Are these phones the perfect solution?


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Greatly Reduced the Number of Damaged Mobiles:

After surveying “more than 2,000 iPhone users,” in 2012, Square Trade (A survey company in US) estimates that 27% of iPhone owners who had damaged their device due to water accidents. The study also found that 30% of iPhone users had damaged their device within the first 12 months of purchasing. But now with the introducing of waterproof smartphones, it successfully reduced the damaged percentage to only 10%, which more than half of the water accidents are prevented. Even if the phone is dropped into toilet, it can be saved by proper drying and repairs.  There’s a 20% chance that your phone will become liquid damaged, and you could probably pay between $100-$200 for the feature that provides a chance at preventing it. And it’s that chance of prevention that is crucial.


High Cost (Price):

Applying water resistance to a phone is believed to be expensive. Not simply thanks to the cost of gluing protective rubber on the inside of the device, but in developing the product with water resistance in mind. It would add 20-30 percent to the cost of its phones. The price of the waterproof smartphone will surely be higher so as to cover the production cost. The price level of waterproof mobiles in the market like Apple, Samsung, Sony, HTC varies from HK$3000 - HK$10000, which is not as affordable as non-waterproof smartphones. Although the living standard nowadays is improving, for some people, waterproof smartphones are still luxuries. 


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Safer and More convenient:

Waterproofing also adds to the convenience of using your smartphone. You can attend calls when you are fresh out of the shower or are still bathing. This removes several restrictions on way you use and enjoy your device. Moreover, the best part about waterproof phones is the safety and peace of mind they offer. You don’t know if the rain will start pouring when you are heading out for a date. Or you may accidentally spill a cup of coffee or perhaps drop them in lavatory. With waterproof phones you can relax and cleanup the liquids. No damages and no worries.


Limitations of waterproof mobiles:

The impermeability is not perfect. Waterproof phones are still in the process of development. So we can not expect them to be 100% resistant infallible.If the exposure time to humidity exceeds certain limits, the impermeability will fail. The same happens if you use it at a high depth. Don't assure that every waterproof phones can be used in a swimming pool or when diving. The waterproof design is mostly for accidental prevention, rather than long time submersion.


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To conclude, waterproof technology does improves our lives but it also has its own limitations. Water or liquids are natural enemy to electronics. Here at Lexuma, our X2O waterproof spray is especially designed for electronic devices. It provides IPX4 and IPX7 waterproof protection for all types of electronics. Your electronic devices won't be damaged by splash of water or even submersion of water for 15 minutes. With nano waterproof coating, X2O provides you with the easiest and cheapest way to protect your electronics. Check out more now.

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