Pros and Cons of Fingerprint Padlocks

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Lexuma XLOCK fingerprint padlock is the perfect travel and safety lock. What are the pros and cons of this travel gadget?

In our previous blog, we discuss how fingerprint locks work. Thanks to technology, our unique fingerprints can be applied to security and safeguard our own valuables. This time we will continue exploring the pros and cons of fingerprint padlocks. Are these locks perfect? 



Fingerprint padlocks are a lot more secure and reliable, as there are no combinations or keys that enable thieves to pick the lock. The only thing that can access the lock is your fingerprint, and that is carried around with you wherever you go. 

Moreover, biometric locks detect whether a thumbprint is a match without having to send information to an external source, and they’re designed to identify the properties of a 3D finger. Using special silicone sensors, these locks will reject anything that doesn’t resemble the characteristics of a human finger.

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You don’t have to use a key or remember the password to open the lock, meaning you can always open the lock even if you don’t have your keys on you. There won't be stolen or lost keys anymore. Moreover, you may forget the password but your fingerprint will always be with you. You don’t have to write it down too. Simply press your fingerprint against the lock and it will be unlocked within a second.

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Some fingerprint scanners can't always distinguish between a picture of a finger and the finger itself. They can sometimes be fooled by a mold of a person's finger. If somebody did gain access to an authorized user's prints, the person could trick the scanner and unlock the lock.



Just like you need to give a key to anyone who wants to enter your home without you around, you will need to authorize everyone’s fingerprint into the fingerprint system. The former is a must easier process. Just duplicate the keys and distribute the to the right persons. This can be done without you being there. For the fingerprint padlocks, you need to scan your registered finger first, so as to add more fingerprints. It is more complicated and padlocks may have their own fingerprint quotas.

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Every technological gadget has advantages and disadvantages. There are no perfect ways to keep our belongings totally safe from criminals. With fingerprint padlocks, at least we can lock up our bags and suitcases with our own fingerprints. That's why choosing the best fingerprint padlocks from the market is not easy. Why not take a look at Lexuma XLOCK - TSA authorised fingerprint padlock? We ensure high security and high quality of products. Check it out now.

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