Lexuma XBud - The True Wireless Earbuds [Product Review]

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Headphones have already been a necessity for people nowadays. Some people can't live without headphones when they are hanging out. Thus, people's expectation of headphones increased. Choosing earphones is not only caring about the sound quality but also the convenience of using. Therefore, we would like to have a review on this Bluetooth true wireless earbuds, XBud from Lexuma.

Lexuma TWS invisible wireless bluetooth earbuds earphones outlook packaging


XBud provides 2 colors for you to choose: Black and White. When we open it, we can see a charging case and a pair of earbuds, with some highlighted features. 

Lexuma TWS invisible wireless bluetooth earbuds earphones white package inside


On the other side, there are some simple instructions about the set-ups of the earbuds. 

Lexuma TWS invisible wireless bluetooth earbuds earphones user manual


This time, we would like to take a look at the black one. Each XBud consist of a charging case with 2 earbuds, a USB charging cable, a lanyard, 3 set of silicone caps and a user manual . 


 Lexuma wireless bluetooth earbuds earphones headphones charging case package 辣數碼 無線藍牙耳機 耳機 藍牙耳機

The charging case carries a compact and slim design with smooth round edges. It looks not large but carries 300mAh battery which can fully charge the earbuds 2-3 times. It is capable of daily use.  No worries about running out of battery.  

Lexuma XBud true wireless bluetooth earbuds earphones headphones charging case inside 辣數碼 真無線藍牙耳機


Just holding the earbuds on hand may not that convenience, especially when man hanging out without their bags. A trendy lanyard is provided for you to hang or wear your earbuds. Thus, you will not lose your earbuds!

Lexuma wireless bluetooth earbuds earphones headphones charging case trendy lanyard 辣數碼 無線藍牙耳機


Each earbud carry a silicone Ear wing tip. It can protect our ears from pains when using the earbuds for a long time. Also there are 3 sets of silicone caps which can ensure people can have a comfortable wearing.  

Lexuma wireless bluetooth earbuds earphones headphones size  辣數碼 無線藍牙耳機


Apart from the outlook, the most important part for a true wireless earbuds would be the connection quality. XBud is stable in wireless connection and have a long connection range up to 10 meter with Bluetooth 5.0. You can enjoy your music smoothly without any connection problems.

When the XBud is searching for devices, the LED indicator will show blue and red light. If you want to turn on or turn off the XBud without using the charging case, just simply press the button on each earbuds and hold until you see the LED indicator turns red.

Lexuma wireless bluetooth earbuds earphones headphones connection LED indicator 辣數碼 無線藍牙耳機


You may ask, 'How can I connect the two earbuds together?' We don't need to connect the two earbuds by any action since they will connect automatically when they leave the charging case. You just need to look for your mobile devices' Bluetooth settings and find your earbuds. The whole connection process won't take a long time.

Lexuma wireless bluetooth earbuds earphones headphones connection range 辣數碼 無線藍牙耳機



If my friends want to share a song with me, can I connect my XBud to her phone without disconnecting from my own devices? Definitely YES! XBud can pair with 2 devices at the same time. Music sharing will be more convenience!

Only recognized the battery level is low when the earbuds warn you to charge? NO worries! XBud can show its battery levels on iOS smartphones.


Lexuma wireless bluetooth connection earbuds earphones headphones battery notifications 辣數碼 真無線藍牙耳機


Many people would like to enjoy music when they are working out. XBud also works well when you are exercising. Since these true wireless earbuds are designed for sport which it is sweat proof.

More than that, if you want to answer a call when you are using XBud, just tap once on the button of the earbuds, then you can answer or decline a call. For playing and pausing a song is the same.


Even though you want to find Siri, just tap and hold for 1 second, you can all out your voice assistant.

Still have something to talk about with the last call? Not need to pick up your phone. Just tap twice for redial. Don't like this song? No problem! Tap twice for next track or tap 3 times for the previous

Lexuma wireless bluetooth earbuds earphones headphones button LED light

After reviewing the XBud, we can conclude that this true wireless Bluetooth earbuds have present a outstanding performance with reasonable price. What do you think of it? Will it be your next true wireless Bluetooth earbuds?  Just try it now!


Lexuma XBud true wireless Bluetooth earbuds earphones headphones music 辣數碼 真無線藍牙耳機 藍牙