Lexuma Newly Designed XBud-X True Wireless In-Ear Bluetooth Sports Earbuds

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Realising your phone is running out of battery when you are out? Lexuma newly designed True Wireless Earbuds XBUD-X got your back!

Since the launch of XBUD in January 2019, we have been working on an exciting project and TODAY, we are going to announce our newly designed true wireless earbuds, XBUD-X. From XBUD to XBUD-X, we did quite a lot of changes on its outlook and specifications because only satisfying the market is not enough. We think more in order to take care of every details on users' experiences.

Lexuma Best Budget True Wireless Earbuds XBUD-X Black

Live with lifestyle is important. In XBUD-X, we provide customers with a wide range of choices on colours: Classic Black, Light Grey, Red, Gold. The charging case was made of metallic materials. It brings a sense of being spiffy.

Lexuma Best Budget True Wireless Earbuds XBUD-X Colourways

Also, a new waterproof technology, IPX 7 Waterproof, was used on XBUD-X. You don't have to worry if you accidentally drop your earbuds into water. You can even wash them if they get dirty!

What's more, it did improve a lot on battery capacity. The battery capacity jumped from 40 mAh to 60 mAh for each earbuds, which supports 7.5 hours of playtime. And its charging case is a huge surprise. It consists of 2600 mAh battery which can fully recharge the earbuds for up to 20 times.

Lexuma Best Budget True Wireless Earbuds XBUD-X Red

You might be curious why such small earbuds need a big battery capacity charging case. It is not that simple. In XBUD-X, the charging case can also be used as a portable power bank whilst you just need to plug the charging cable into the charging case. THAT'S IT. Trust me, the charging case can really save your life when your phone is running out of battery. 

Lexuma Best Budget True Wireless Earbuds XBUD-X Charging Case Black

Easy to carry around is also what we concern. XBUD-X is a pair of ultra-lightweight true wireless earbuds, which is only 5.5g for each earbud; and the charging case is just weighted 108g. It is very compact in size and is ideal for frequent travellers. Why not choose XBUD-X when you have better options?

So after you read until here, you might think there are enough of surprises. NO! Last but not least, XBUD-X is equipped with 16Ω Hi-Fi speaker, which makes the voice more sensible and pure. It performs brilliant sound quality with higher frequency range and sensitivity.

XBUD-X is compatible with both Apple and Android devices. I personally think it is the best budget true wireless earbuds on the market. I am so excited to see XBUD-X coming, aren't you?

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