How Do Fingerprint Padlocks Work?

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Fingerprint is our unique password. Therefore, fingerprint padlock becomes one of the must-have travel gadgets.


Security has always been a concern of paramount importance to human beings. Ensuring the well-being of our personal belongings has always been near the top of our priority list. Thanks to technology, today security involves a wide range of software and hardware including web based security services, biometrics and personal devices with integrated security levels. One of the biggest advances of the digital-technical age has been the introduction of biometrics into security. Here, we will take a look at fingerprint padlocks, one of the most used locking gadgets deploying biometrics, and take a look at it works.


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You have probably looked at your hands countless times and noticed the ridges and valley pattern. Human fingerprints are very difficult to fake or alter and can endure over an individual’s lifespan. This makes them very suitable as long-term markers of human identity. When the technology which can recognize and differentiate between fingerprints is deployed in securing access to a padlock, you get a “Fingerprint Padlock”. 

Once you place your finger onto the scanner for the first time, the conversion into numerical data takes place, and the fingerprint template is saved. The next time when you place your finger on the sensor, it matches the data obtained through the finger with the pre-saved values. If a match is found, access is granted and the padlock will be unlocked. On the other hand, if someone else try to unlock it, the fingerprint values aren't the same. Therefore, the padlock will not be unlocked.


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Matching the algorithm is the most important process for a fingerprint padlock. This is usually achieved by the Minutia matching process. In this process, several minutia points are located on the padlock's scanning area. This information is stored in the memory. While matching, the already stored fingerprint template is compared to the received input. If there is a match, the padlock will be unlocked. The process is very quick and is completed in a fraction of a second. 


Secure, affordable, non-intrusive and almost 100% safe. These fingerprint padlocks don’t require you to carry a key or remember a password. You can also grant access to as many people as you want and remove their access at your pleasure. In short, fingerprint padlocks safeguard your belongings all day long. Wish for one? Lexuma offers TSA Fingerprint Padlock which suits your needs. It has got TSA certification and can be unlocked by TSA authorized keys. This fingerprint padlock is professional and of high security. Check it out now.

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