Dual Monitors is better than Single Monitor?

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Do you prefer using dual monitors during work? Do dual monitor setup brings you more productivity?

People usually think that using dual monitors is convenient for showing multi-browsers at the same time. For people who are video editor, designers, investors, etc., it is perfect to set up dual monitors. Do you know why?


Why you need a dual monitor setup?

1. Enlarge Your Screen Size

For the people who need to work outside the office frequently, mostly they will use laptops. It is convenient for them to work anywhere and present their idea easily when meeting up with clients. However, the screen size of the laptop is not large enough and it is not suitable for long-time usage. If you want to show something on your mobile phone, it is not that appropriate to give your mobile phone to your client. Then, you can connect your phone with the monitor and show it to your customers. Therefore, usually, people need to add an extra monitor to enlarge the screen size.  

Lexuma blog post dual monitor vs single monitor multi-tasking XScreen portable monitor


2. Need to use different programs at the same time

Some people like programmers, investors or video editors may need to use various programs at the moment. One monitor may not enough for them to launch different programs on one screen. Therefore, a dual monitor setup can help them to monitor different programs at the same time

 Lexuma blog post dual monitor vs single monitor multi-tasking XScreen portable monitor enlarge screen size

Dual monitor setup may increase their productivity since they need to enlarge their screen size. However, some people may think that dual monitor setup is not useful which is not easy to set up. 

If your laptop needs an extra monitor, your laptop should have output port for connection. Also, you should get an extra power supply for the external monitor. Some laptops like MacBook, do not have connection port. You need to get a converter for connection. All these setups are complicated and make your desk messy with lots of wires. Moreover, the dual-monitor setting requires a larger desk size to place two monitors. People may need to rearrange their desk settings for the extra monitor. 


However, technology can solve all these problems. 


Nowadays, dual monitor setup can be done everywhere. Lexuma XScreen Portable Monitor is portable and light. It can be carried around just like an iPad Pro. The size of XScreen is around 15.6 inch which is enough for office use. Also, the portable monitor can be connected with Type-C or other cable. You can connect your laptop, tablets or even smartphone with the portable monitor. You can present your ideas easily and efficiently.

Lexuma blog post dual monitor vs single monitor multi-tasking XScreen portable monitor connect with mobile phone 

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Some people may concern about the setup of the portable monitor. The portable monitor can generate power supply from the connected device. You don't need to get an extra power plug for the external monitor. For the display data, you can use an Type-C cable or other cables for connection. The whole set up can be done within 5 minutes. Another model of XScreen is built-in with a battery which you can use it for 4-5 hours. Different models suit your various needs. 


Dual monitor setting is good for people who need a larger screen for monitoring different programs. If you need an extra screen, you may consider having a portable monitor which is simpler to set up and enhance your productivity. 

Lexuma blog post dual monitor vs single monitor multi-tasking XScreen portable monitor overview

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