Do you know the differences between 'Antibacterial', 'Sterilization' and 'Degermation'?

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Have you ever failed to define the meaning of 'Antibacterial', 'Sterilization' and 'Degermation'? They have different functions which you need to choose a suitable one when purchase. 

Now, let ’s explore the difference between these three groups of words, learn to buy the products that best meet your personal needs, and be a smart consumer.



Its definition is "inhibit or prevent bacteria from multiplying", which means that the bacteria can still survive after use, but it can keep the bacterial reproduction below the necessary level for a certain period of time, but it cannot reduce the number of bacteria.



Its definition is "effectively reducing the number of bacteria", which means that bacteria can be temporarily removed after use, but they cannot be completely eliminated.



Its definition is "to exterminate microorganisms such as bacteria", which means that it can kill bacteria after use, prevent disease and prevent the spread of infection. It aims to denature the proteins of the bacteria or viruses which they will be inactive afterwards.  


After the initial understanding, do you know why sometimes you feel the product has not exerted its effects? Most of the time, everyone will mistakenly think that "antibacterial" products can "degerm" and "degermation" products can "sterilize", leading to the running out of effect.


Therefore, it is better to purchase "antibacterial" products and "sterilization" products, implement "sterilization" first and then "antibacterial", both approaches!

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For "sterilization" products, it is recommended to use physical ones, such as UV lamps, because physical sterilization methods will not harm the material of the object, and also take care of the fine parts of the object, and implement all-round sterilization.

Lexuma Blog post Antibacterial vs Degermation vs Sterilization XGerm series phone UV Sterilizer for personal items XGerm Ultra


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