【Limited】Special Promotions on Your Privilege of Apple Daily

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Lexuma's products are now available on Your Privilege, shopping site of Apple Daily!

Thanks to the continuous support from our customers, our products are officially launched in Your Privilege, with various of discounts promotion!


If you search "Lexuma" or our product names on the website of Your Privilege, you can immediate enjoy different member exclusive discounts!

Besides free delivery on all Lexuma products, the discounts offered are even up to 50% off.


The promotion of Lexuma XBud True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds this week (22/3 to 28/3) is promoting in full swing. Thank you for your support.

We will continue to launch different product promotion and discounts on Your Privilege later, for example, Lexuma XTag [MFi] Apple Watch Wireless Charger, and other Lexuma products.

Please keep on supporting and keep track on our latest news, so that you will not miss any of our best deal and discounts.

If you want to know more about the discount of Lexuma products on Your Privilege, please click here.





本周(3月22日至3月28日)Lexuma XBud 真無線入耳式藍牙運動耳機正在進行推廣,反應非常熱烈!

承蒙大家的支持,我們之後將會繼續在【你的優惠】推出各種產品優惠,例如Lexuma XTag [MFi] Apple Watch 智能無線充電器 及Lexuma其他的產品。