Lexuma X2O waterproof spray listed at Hong Kong Shopping Taitai online shopping platform

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Lexuma X2O water repellent spray is now available at HK Shopping Taitai online shopping platform.

Lexuma 辣數碼 X20防水噴霧 waterproof spray at shopping taita logo


Lexuma is so thrilled to be invited by Shopping TaiTai - Hong Kong online shopping platform

and share our latest waterproof gadget X2O water repellent spray to the public.

You can find us at Shopping TaiTai online shopping platform or at FACEBOOK!


Lexuma 辣數碼 X20防水噴霧 waterproof spray at shopping taitai platform



Lexuma 辣數碼 X20防水噴霧 waterproof spray at shopping taitai facebook page

X2O waterproof spray is especially designed for all kinds of electronic devices, for households and offices.

Power strips, computers, iPads, charging cables etc.

Get your electronic devices protected with IPX4 and IPX7 waterproof protection! 


辣數碼有限公司很高興受香港網上購物平台Shopping太太邀請,和大眾介紹公司最新防水產品 - X2O防水噴霧,產品於Shopping太太網上平台和Facebook發售。X2O防水鍍膜噴霧專爲家居及辦公室電子產品而設,例如電源拖板、電腦、iPad和充電器等。歡迎了解更多,為電子產品提供IPX4和IPX7防水保護。


Applications of X2O waterproof spray


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