Lexuma X2O Water Repellent Spray is available at Action Panda Retail Store

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Lexuma X2O waterproof spray is now available at Action Panda Retail Store

After introducing Lexuma X2O Water Resistant Spray at HK Sports and Leisure Expo 2018, Hong Kong sport gadgets retail store, Action Panda, is now listing our X2O Waterproof Spray for electronic devices at its retail store.

X2O water repellent spray provides the best Nano water protection for electronic gadgets and sports accessories, like earpiece and mini sports phones. 

Lexuma 辣數碼 X20 X2O防水噴霧 waterproof spray for electronic devices at Action Panda real life picture


Action Panda performed a testing about IPX4 waterproof protection on sports phone after applying it with X2O water repellent spay.  Video below captured the moment of testing out the power of X2O water repellent spray.  Sport phone works perfectly as usual under splash of water from any angles. 



Electronic devices are unharmed because of the strong Nano waterproof coating. The Nano particles repel any liquid particles and do not affect electricity conduction.

X2O water repellent spray obtained international certification of IPX4 and IPX7 waterproof rating. This waterproof spray ensures electronic devices to be functional after proper application procedure is followed.

Lexuma X2O water repellent spray is now available at Action Panda retail store at Kwun Tong Industrial Centre Block 2, 4th Floor, Room 406. 

Get your electronic devices IPX4 or IPX7 waterproof protection with Lexuma X2O water resistant spray.

Want to ask more about X2O water resistant spray?  Check out our X2O FAQ section.


辣數碼有限公司日前於香港運動展向大眾介紹防水產品X2O防水噴霧,展内其中一個參展商Action Panda現將於店鋪出售辣數碼防水噴霧。X2O防水噴霧為電子產品和運動用品提供最佳納米防水保護,如運動耳機和迷你運動手機。Action Panda 用運動手機進行了IPX4防水測試,噴了防水噴霧後,手機的防水情況可於以下影片看到,手機並沒受潑過來的水影響。這是因爲X2O防水噴霧令電子產品表面形成了納米鍍膜,防止水分粒子接觸電子零件。這噴霧通過了IPX4和IPX7國際防水測試,有效預防因水而短路的問題。辣數碼X2O現於觀塘工業中心2座4樓406室 Action Panda店鋪發售,歡迎了解更多。