Lexuma X2O available at Couppie and GroupBuya HK online shopping platforms

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Lexuma is definitely under the spotlight these weeks in Hong Kong.

Our waterproofing star - X2O water repellent spray is now on special sale at

Couppie and GroupBuya shopping platforms - two of the largest group-shopping online platforms in Hong Kong.


Lexuma X2O at online shopping platform


X2O water repellent spray is espcially for electronic products and industrial machinery. 

With IPX4 and IPX7 water protection, electronic parts will no longer be affected by Splash of water or Submersion of water.

Get your electronic devices waterproof protection now!

Please check out our X2O water repellent spray at http://www.couppie.com/tc/deal/37852 and https://www.groupbuya.com/couppie/798554

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