Lexuma selected as HK 2018 Best Startup Brand

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Lexuma is selected as Hong Kong 2018 Best Startup Brand

The official result of 2018 HK Best Startup Brand Contest is finally announced and published at 932 Magazine Issue 015. Lexuma is officially selected as one of the best startup brand in 2018 HK Best Digital Product Accessories Startup Brand Contest. 

Winners from different industries are listed and introduced in this business magazine. Lexuma is so thrilled to be one of the best sixteen startup brands and we look forward to introducing more advanced electronic gadgets to the public.

In the future, Lexuma will continue contributing to the industry and bringing better charging experience to customers. The contest is sponsored by Start Up Group, Asia Chamber of Commerce, Redin International , 932 Magazine and Belt and Road Elite Association. Thank you for all the supports.

Feel free to grab one at any OK convenient stores or bookstalls!

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