Lexuma - Winner of 2018 Best Digital Product Accessories Startup Brand

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Lexuma won 2018 best digital product accessories startup brand

The official result of 2018 Best Startup Brand Contest is announced at Hong Kong Start Up Group Facebook Page. The award ceremony was held September 28th evening. Lexuma has won the Best Digital Product Accessories Startup Brand, and our director Kelvin Ip shared our excitement and thoughts at the award ceremony.  We were interviewed by The Start Up Group earlier, and in the interview, we shared about the factors of success and Lexuma's future development. Feel free to watch the interview video of Lexuma at Start Up Group Facebook page or at Lexuma Youtube channel.


Lexuma辣數碼 Best Startup Brand Award 2018 kelvin ip winning start up brand winner photo taking Lexuma辣數碼 Best Startup Brand Award 2018 winner group photo


The Hong Kong Best Startup Brand contest aims to appreciate and encourage Hong Kong startup companies for their contributions and hard work. Lexuma has been introducing new advanced electronic gadgets to the public and always aims to achieve more in Technology Industry. We promise we will continue introducing new gadgets to the public and strive higher in the future.


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Lexuma 辣數碼 best startup brand 2018 winner video interview



Lexuma辣數碼 Best Startup Brand Award photo taking