Lexuma Surge Protector XStrip Available at HK Spider Group Retail Store

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Lexuma UK surge protector with USB ports listed at HK Spider Group Retail Store


Lexuma 6-Gang and 4-Gang UK Surge Protector is now listing at HK Spider Group retail store, located at G/F, 415 Shanghai St, Mongkok. Spider Group Limited is specialized in electrical appliances, national factory ladders and aluminum frame engineering services. Our Surge protector is designed for household and office charging with 4 USB ports. XStrip is also certified by international safety standards, like Intertek, RoHs, FC and CE. XStrip has two color versions - Black and White, all in fashionable and clean design. These USB powers trips support 4 USB devices charging at the same time and the Smart Load Detection feature protects your devices from short-circuit or overheat. 


Lexuma 辣數碼 surge protector XStrip at aluminium spider


Lexuma 辣數碼 surge protector XStrip at aluminium spider

Feel free to check out Lexuma XStrip at Mongkok Aluminium Spider retail store and choose Lexuma power strips for your office and home.



Lexuma 辣數碼6頭和4頭英式電源拖板現正在派達安全設備有限公司店鋪發售,派達公司專賣電子設備、國際工業用鋼梯和鋁架工程,店鋪位於香港旺角上海街415號地下,歡迎各位親臨購買Lexuma 電源拖板。

辣數碼的XStrip電源拖板專爲家居和辦公室而設,還設有4個USB插頭,通過了國際安全認證,例如Intertek、RoHs、FC 和 CE認證。XStrip支援4個USB充電產品同時充電,因爲拖板設有智能負載檢測功能,預防過流過熱情況,保護你的充電產品。

歡迎來臨旺角派達安全設備有限公司地舖選購Lexuma XStrip拖板,爲你的家居和辦公室安置安全易收納的電源拖板。