Lexuma Participating at eBay Buyer-Supplier Matching Convention

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Lexuma Participating At eBay Buyer-Supplier Matching Convention


Lexuma 辣數碼 is grateful to be participating in 2018 eBay Buyer-Supplier Matching and Policy Update Convention. This convention aims to connect worldwide buyers and suppliers so that outstanding products from different industries can be recognized and listed at worldwide online platforms. Lexuma is one of the 143 supplier companies that have the opportunity to introduce our advanced technological gadgets to the public. We are even chosen to be introduced by eBay at the beginning of the ceremony and our presentation also went very well by director Kelvin Ip.


Lexuma 辣數碼 百家配對大會 Lexuma at eBay buyer-supplier matching convention 百家配對大會 Lexuma at eBay buyer-supplier matching convention 百家配對大會


Some of our featured products are addressed at the presentation, for example X2O water repellent spray, Apple Watch portable charger, Dual sim card adapter and USB surge protector etc. The presentation is a great success and Lexuma will continue cooperating with different buyers and online platforms in the future.


eBay 百家配對及秋季政策更新大會

Lexuma 辣數碼有限公司很榮幸被邀參加2018 eBay百家配對及秋季政策更新大會,這次會議旨在連接世界各地的商品買家和供應商,從而發掘不同產業的優質產品並在各大銷售平台推出市面。辣數碼有限公司有幸成爲143間供應商中的一份子,在會議中向來賓介紹公司最新科技數碼產品,Lexuma還被eBay大會選中作公司特別介紹,而我們的產品匯報也在負責人Kelvin的帶領下順利完成。