Lexuma NEW Products Listed at Hong Kong Airline ToHome Shop in Q2 2020

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Lexuma NEW Products Listed at Hong Kong Airline ToHome Shop in Q2 2020

Lexuma is delighted to keep selected by Hong Kong Airlines ToHome shop as one of their exclusive mobile phone accessories providers. You can also purchase it from To Home Online Shop!


We are offering three premium gadgets: 

XScan can detect hidden camera of radio wave, magnetic field, hidden wired or wireless camera equipment through its infrared scanning. It is perfect for anyone with safety concern for the unfamiliar accommodation.

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SimHome is a Cloud Dual SIM 4G Voice Roaming Gateway that allows you to roam and make calls using multiple sim cards locally and overseas, while the gateway box sits remotely at your home or office. NO roaming fee will be charged.

Lexuma-SimHome-HKA-To Home


Lexuma XGerm Pro effectively killed 99.99% of the germs covered in cell phones through the UVC lamp, which can help to kill virus on every tiny area.

Lexuma XGerm PRO-HKA- To Home Magazine


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While you are on board, remember to check us out on ToHome magazine and make sure you don't miss out our new product. Keep shopping whenever you want!






辣數碼-可攜式紅外線隱蔽鏡頭檢測儀-香港航空-To Home


SimHome是一個雲端遠程三卡三待4G全球漫遊通話神器,無需隨身携帶(放置於家中或辦公室),就能助你身處各地,都能同時使用數張Sim card進行通話及漫遊服務,實現雙卡雙待,同時在線。與手提雙卡轉接器不同,SimHome只需使用智能APP就能遙距控制。SimHome以無線網絡代替傳統藍芽連接,輕鬆配對連接。


辣數碼- 雲端遠程三卡三待4G全球漫遊通話神器-香港航空-To Home


Lexuma XGerm Pro通過UVC燈殺死了手機上99.99%的細菌,這可以殺死每個微小位置的病毒。

辣數碼- 多功能便携式紫外線消毒器-香港航空-To Home

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