Lexuma New Gadgets Listed at HK Airlines ToHome Q4 Magazine

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Lexuma X2O waterproof spray, wireless charging power bank and Apple Watch portable charger is now listed at HK Airlines ToHome Q4 Magazine

Lexuma latest gadgets are now listed at HK Airlines ToHome Q4 Magazine. Feel free to check us out while enjoying your travels. Our Gadgets will also be available on Hong Kong Airlines ToHome online shopping platform in two weeks. We have been listing electronic gadgets at HK Airline since Q2 and our products are well-liked by worldwide travelers. 

This time, at Hong Kong Airlines ToHome online shop, we will be offering our premium charging gadgets and waterproof accessories:

XSkin - Qi Wireless Charging Power Bank

XTag - Portable Apple Watch MFi Power Bank

X2O - Waterproof Spray for Electronics


Lexuma 辣數碼 gadgets at HK airlines ToHome apple watch power bank x2o waterproof spray water resistant magazine reading

These gadgets are especially selected for frequent travelers like you. XSkin provides a convenient and hassle-free solution to charge your phones. X2O waterproof spray gives IPX4 and IPX7 water repellent protection for electronics. XTag charges your Apple Watch anywhere at anytime. We ensures that you will have an enjoyable and satisfying journey.

Feel free to search for Lexuma gadgets at HK Airline online shop. While you are on board, remember to check us out at ToHome magazine. You can always go shopping while up in the air.


辣數碼有限公司最新產品已於第四季購物雜誌推出,歡迎在旅程中閲讀更多。另外,我們的產品兩個星期後也可於香港航空ToHome網上購物平台購買,辣數碼和香港航空由第二季開始一直合作,產品也受世界各地旅客歡迎。這個季度我們繼續推出最新電子數碼產品和防水配件:XSkin Qi無線外置充電器、XTag蘋果手錶專用流動充電器和X2O防水鍍膜噴霧。 這些電子數碼配件專爲經常外游的旅客而設,XSkin爲你提供最方便快捷的手機充電體驗,X2O防水噴霧為電子產品提供IPX4和IPX7防水保護,XTag令你隨時隨地幫蘋果手錶充電,確保顧客享受愉快的旅程。歡迎瀏ToHome網上購物平台,了解更多辣數碼電子產品。乘搭香港航空時,記得細閱ToHome雜,旅行時也能享受購物。


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