Lexuma new gadgets listed at 2019 Q4 HK Airlines ToHome Magazine

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Lexuma latest gadgets are now available at 2019 Q4 HK Airlines ToHome Magazine, alongside at Hong Kong Airlines ToHome online shopping platform. We have been listing electronic gadgets at HK Airlines since 2018 Q2. This time, we will be offering our newly designed true wireless earphones, premium wireless charging car mount and portable Bluetooth MP3 player in this quarter:

XMOUNT - Automatic Infrared Sensing Wireless Car Mount

XBUD-Z - Waterproof True Wireless Earbuds

Portable Bluetooth MP3 Player

Lexuma HK Airlines ToHome Magazine 2019 Q4 Listing

These gadgets are especially selected for frequent travelers and gadget lovers like you. XMOUNT provides stable and efficient Qi fast charging for your smartphones on cars. Infrared sensor detects your device and the clamps will automatically secure your phones.

XBUD-Z is the latest model of our True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds series. It has been re-designed with a larger battery capacity, a more professional audio processing system, annd IPX7 Waterproof. What's more, it is designed as a power bank for your mobile device. Be care-free when you hang out with friends. We do take every details very seriously.

Other than those, we also bring you a portable Bluetooth MP3 player with 2.4" larger screen, just in case that you want some offline music whilst you are travelling around. It is ultra-light weighted and portable. It will be a perfect pair when you bring the MP3 player along with XBUD-Z.

Feel free to search for Lexuma gadgets at HK Airlines online shop.  While you are on board, remember to check us out at ToHome magazine. You can always go shopping while up in the air.

Lexuma HK Airlines 2019 Q4 Listing at ToHome Magazine Online Shop



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