Lexuma Gadgets Listed At CMK Electrical Store

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Lexuma Apple Watch portable charger and magnetic charging cable listed at CMK Electrical Store

Lexuma is thrilled to have our gadgets listed at Hong Kong CMK Electrical Store at Sheung Shui, Shatin, Tin Shui Wai, Tseung Kwan O, Tsuen Wan and Tuen Mun in Hong Kong. Our Portable Apple Watch Charger and Magnetic Charging Cables for Apple and Android devices can be found at CMK retail stores. For those who need to charge Apple Watch anytime anywhere, Lexuma XTAG Apple Watch power bank is the must-have gadget for you. For those who wish for efficient and easy charging experience, Lexuma XMAG magnetic charging cable is the best choice for you. 


Lexuma gadgets listed at CMK apple watch portable charger magnetic charging cable


Lexuma XTAG and XMAG listed at CMK magnetic charging cable apple watch power bank

Lexuma XTAG is ultra portable Apple Watch Charger with compact size and stylish design. From now on, you can charge up your Apple Watch anytime anywhere without bringing an extra charging cable. Simply hook XTAG to your backpack or just put it in your pocket and your Apple Watch is ready to go for new journey.

Lexuma XMAG Magnetic Charging Cables are especially for Apple and Android devices, providing secure connection to enhance your daily charging experience. We've all experienced the trouble of plugging our mobile devices while we are driving or in the dark. With XMAG Magnetic Cable, you can simply snap USB cable with your Apple devices and locate your cable in the dark easily with the LED light indicator. XMAG Magnetic Charging Cable is a simple but smart solution to prevent frayed charging cables and charging ports.

Feel free to check out our gadgets at CMK Electrical Store. Know more about XTAG and XMAG at Lexuma now.



Lexuma XTAG是Apple Watch無線充電器。XTAG的鑰匙圈設計時尚、尺寸迷你,令Apple Watch無線充電化為現實。 只要帶上XTAG,便能夠隨時隨地為Apple Watch充電,無需再帶額外的充電線或充電座。 外出時,XTAG可以掛在背包上當作鑰匙圈,亦可以直接放在口袋裡,輕巧便攜,從此展開Apple Watch無線充電之旅。

Lexuma XMAG磁吸充電線是一款支援雙充電模式的充電線,適用於Apple和Android產品,提供安全及高效率的充電體驗。 在日常生活中,我們有時候難以將USB線與手機對準連接,例如在駕駛過程或黑暗環境中。XMAG能為你提供最佳解決方案,助你更快更準確連接Apple設備及USB線。就算處於黑暗之中,XMAG的LED指示燈亦會協助你輕鬆將USB線連接到手機。