Lexuma Director, Kelvin Ip, sharing entrepreneur experience during his radio interview by RTHK

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Lexuma director Kelvin shared his experience at RTHK

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Lexuma is thrilled to participate in RTHK radio talk show "新人類、大世界" on March 21, 2018. 

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We share our experience as an electronic entrepreneur and our view on the industry in Hong Kong.  Stay tune on the mandarin channel of Radio Television Hong Kong every Saturday noon! 

辣數碼很興奮能於RTHK電台節目 "新人類、大世界"分享創業心得,辣數碼作爲電子數碼公司,對香港電子市場有何看法等。記得留意每星期六中午RTHK普通話頻道!

Lexuma 辣數碼 Kelvin Ip @RTHK photo of lexuma directorLexuma 辣數碼 Kelvin Ip @ RTHK during interview photo