Lexuma Director, Kelvin Ip, Introducing latest waterproofing gadget during his shooting interview by Apple Daily

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Lexuma 辣數碼 is excited to be invited for an video interview and new product demonstration by Hong Kong Apple Daily.

Our Director, Kelvin Ip, introduced our latest gadget on Waterproofing Technology and shared our vision of this amazing product. 

 HK apple daily interview - Lexuma 辣數碼X2O防水噴霧 waterproof spray shooting highlights


HK apple daily interview - Lexuma 辣數碼X2O防水噴霧 waterproof spray kelvin testing demonstration

Thanks to all the Apple Daily staff,the demonstration and video shooting were of great success.

We look forward to the broadcast of this intriguing video NEXT Week!

Want to discover the new Waterproofing world? Stay tuned at Apple Daily’s website, and come back to check out our news!