Lexuma at A Delegation to Hangzhou with Hong Kong Young Entrepreneurs

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Lexuma participated in a delegation to Hangzhou for Exploring the Development of the Start-ups 

杭州海外聯誼會 (The organization under the Hangzhou Municipal Government for managing the communication between Hangzhou people and the Chinese who live in Hong Kong, Macau and overseas) hosted a delegation to Hangzhou for Hong Kong’s young entrepreneurs. Lexuma (葉嘉俊) is honored to participate in this tour and explore the development of the start-ups in Hangzhou.  


During the 4-day tour in Hangzhou, we are pleased to visit different companies and know more about their business operation in Hangzhou. One of the highlight of this tour is visiting the Forte Incubator in its 4000 square meters headquarters. Forte Incubator is a company who provide an entrepreneurial community with living space, office and entertainment. They aim to serve young entrepreneurs with providing independent offices equipped with different facilities such as multi-function hall, café, gym etc.

Lexuma Forte incubator Hangzhou visit 辣數碼 杭州初創企業 科迪


It is great to see that the entrepreneurs in Hangzhou have such a comfortable environment for operating their business. Instead of visiting the start-ups, we also have a opportunity to visit Alibaba Group and the forum of ‘2050 Project’. It presents  the Chinese government and other developed company are trying their best to help the young entrepreneur in China. Lexuma is pleased to see more and more young entrepreneurs develop their ideas and bring more valuable products to the whole world.


Lexuma Hangzhou Hong Kong exhibition startups 香港初創企業 辣數碼 杭州考察團 杭州


Lexuma Hangzhou young entrepreneur Hong Kong 香港初創企業 辣數碼 杭州考察團


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