Types of UV Lights

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UV light is a common disinfectant nowadays. It can help you to sterilize your phone or other personal items. Do you know what is UV light and why it is so powerful? 

Everyone is exposed to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. The sun emits electromagnetic radiation of different wavelengths. Some of the radiation is visible by human eyes, such as that making up the colours of the rainbow. However, UV is a kind of invisible radiation beyond the violet end of visible light.

Lexuma Blog technology what is UV lights usage characteristic electromagnetic spectrum

Ultraviolet(UV) light, also known as electromagnetic radiation, can be divided into 3 bands which are UVA, UVB, and UVC, according to the wavelength.

  • UVC has the shortest wavelength (100-280nm) and nearly 0 UVC radiation can reach the Earth's surfaces since all UVC are absorbed by the atmosphere
  • UVB radiation is slightly longer than UVC (280-315nm), and approximately 90% of UVB is absorbed by the atmosphere; therefore, the radiation reaches the Earth's surface contains less than 2% UVB.
  • UVA has the longest wavelength (315-400nm), and over 98% of the radiation that reaches the Earth's surface is UVA because it is less affected by the atmosphere.

The UV light is probably possible to apply in many different areas like medical, commercial, and daily life.

Lexuma Blog technology what is UV lights usage characteristic ultraviolet disinfection for medical use

UVA and UVB, it is commonly used in medical applications such as treatment for different diseases and environment sterilization. Also, UVA is effective for pest control and checking counterfeit banknotes.

Generally, UVC can be applied for the disinfection of water and sterilization of the item's surface. For example, there are some companies in the world that are installing UVC lamps in the refrigerator for the supermarket to store the food in a germ-free environment and it results in significant savings from reducing food waste. Also, UVC is applicable in our daily life, which is used in sterilizing the surface of the object like mobile phones, keys, and glasses.

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