Fast Charging of Different Electronic Devices

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How to fast charge my laptop, iPhone and Android smartphone?


Almost ALL electronic devices need to be charged regularly. We all want safe and efficient charging for our smartphones, computers, laptops etc. How technology improves our daily charging experience? Is fast charging technology mature enough to support the fast electronic development in this modern age? Let's first take a look at how fast charging works on different electronics.


Apple Fast Charging

The Apple iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus implement USB-PD (Power Delivery), the same industry standard used by the iPad Pro, the 12-inch MacBook, Google’s Chromebook Pixel, and Lenovo’s X1 Carbon. Inter-compatibility is its biggest advantage: USB-PD doesn’t require any special cables or wall adapters.

Here’s what Apple recommends:

  • Apple 29W, 61W, or 87W USB-C Power Adapter.

  • A comparable third-party USB-C power adapter that supports USB Power Delivery (USB-PD).



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Android QC Fast Charging

Chipmaker Qualcomm’s Quick Charge is one of the most widely implemented charging standards on the market. That’s no mistake — it’s an optional feature of Qualcomm system-on-chips like the Snapdragon 845, 835, 820, 620, 618, 617, and 430, which power phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, HTC U Ultra, and LG V30. Qualcomm claims the latest version of Quick Charge 4+ can recharge smartphones to 50 percent in just 15 minutes.


- One of the most widely implemented charging standards.

- Backwards compatible with older versions of Quick Charge.

- Built-in safety features prevent overheating and short circuiting.



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    How to fast charge your laptops?


    Tip 1: Disable outer connection

    Just as enabling a phone’s airplane mode will speed up the charging process, so does a laptop. When you plug your laptop into charge, the flight mode will automatically turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and network connection, avoiding too much battery consuming during the process of charging.


    Tip 2: Turn off the laptop entirely

    Surely the best way to save battery life is to shut off its work. Turning off the laptop entirely help to effectively charge with the least battery consuming. Yet sometimes you may think it is too troublesome to open it again, for example, you just want to go for a cup of coffee and 10 minutes later you will go back to work. In this case, you can switch off the screen while keeping the laptop running.


    Tip 3: Keep your battery in good health.

    Only a battery in good condition can ensure effective charging. A few maintenance tips will keep your battery working properly. Experts suggest regularly charging it to about 80%, then about once a month letting the battery run down to zero and recharging it up to 100%. This will keep the electrons in the battery flowing, and keep it in good health for years to come.


    Tip 4: Keep the laptop cool

    The battery of a laptop is sensitive to the outer temperature. When it gets hot outside, its effectiveness will slow down, and when you put your lap top in a heated place, it is likely to get damaged. That is why laptops should be kept in cool place. When it is too hot people will plug in a tiny USB fan into the laptop. Still, when charging, make sure your laptop is out of its case.

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