Lexuma XBooster - Laptop DC Universal Adapter Set (with 11 adapter tips)

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Lexuma XBooster - 11 Laptop Connectors Support List
Model: XBT-AT

(Compatible with Lexuma XBT-1580PD and XBT-1340PD)

 Lexuma XBooster Adapter Tips Description

Model NO. 
Connectors Output Voltage
Connectors Spec.
Compatible Laptop Models
N04 19V 4.8*1.7*10.7mm   HP/COMPAQ:18.5V/2.7A,18.5V/3.5A,18.5V/3.8A,18.5V/4.9A; DELTA:19V/2.64A; ASUS:19V/2.64A; NEC:19V/2.64A
N05 19V 4.0×1.7×10.7mm   HP:19V 1.58A ,
N07 19V 5.5*2.5*10.7mm   DELL:19V/3.16A, 19V/3.42A; DELTA:19V2.64A;TOSHIBA:19V/3.16A,19V/3.95A/19V4.74A;                         NEC: 19V/2.64A,19V3.16A; GATEWAY: 19V/3.16A;19V/3.42A
N11 19V 5.5*1.7*10.7mm   TOSHIBA: 19V/3.95A; ACER: 19V1.58A,19V3.16A,19V/3.42A; LITEON:19V3.42A,DELTA: 20V/3.5A
N18 19V 5.5*2.1*10.7mm   ACER:19V/3.16A,19V/3.42A,19V/4.74A; LITEON:19V/3.16A,19V/3.42A; NEC:19V/3.16A 
N23 18.5V 7.4*5.0*12.5mm HP/COMPAQ: 18.5V3.5A,18.5V/4.9A etc.
N24 20V 7.9*12*5.5mm IBM/LENOVO: 20V/3.25A,20V/4.5A etc
N35 20V 11*5.6*11mm                     square pin Lenovo: 20V 2.25A,20V 3.25A,20V 4.5A.
N36 19.5V 4.5*3.0*11mm HP:19.5V2.31A,3.33A, and etc.
N41 12V  Surface Pro 4 Microsoft Surface: 12V 2.58A
N42 19.5V 4.5*3.0*11mm  Dell: 19.5V2.31A, 19.5V 3.33A