User Guide for XSIM (Smart Wireless Dual SIM Card Adapter for Apple Device)

Initial Setup

  • Download and install “SIMPlus” app from Apps Store

Insert Secondary SIM Card

  • Insert a pin into the hole beside nano SIM tray, SIM tray will pop out.
  • Place nano SIM card onto the tray, and insert the tray back into the slot.


  • Insert secondary SIM card into XSIM’s Nano SIM Slot 
  • Press and hold On/Off Switch button for 5 seconds.  Green LED will be lighten up, and starts blinking.
  • On your Apple device, enable Bluetooth, and start “SIMPlus” app.
  • In SIMPlus, go to “More” tab, and select “Connection”, and click to start scanning.
  • Once SIMPlus locates your XSIM, it should be listed on screen. Select and connect to it.
  • Once the connection is established, Green LED will be turned off.
  • On app screen, you will then see the operator logo and signal strength showing on the top left corner and XSIM battery level on the top right corner.


  • In SIMPlus, go to “More” tab, and select “Connection”, and select XSIM entry and disconnect.

Charging up XSIM

  • Use Micro-USB charging cable and plug into Micro-USB Charging port on XSIM.
  • Connect charging cable with a micro-USB power source.
  • Red LED will light up.
  • Charging time will take approximately 2 hours
  • Once it is fully charged, LED will turn to green.

Enabling anti-theft feature when XSIM is out of range

  • Ensure the "Device lost alarm" feature is set to ON under More >Settings.  
  • In case if XSIM and Apple device are out of Bluetooth connection range, SimPlus App will detect and alert automatically.

Phone call

  • In SIMPlus, use “Keypad” tab to place or receive voice calls of your secondary SIM.
  • You can also check call history in "Recents" tab


    • In SIMPlus, use “Messages” tab to send / receive text messages of your secondary SIM.

    Camera Selfie

    • Connect XSIM with Apple device
    • Turn on camera function on Apple device OR press on/off power button on XSIM twice
    • Use On/Off switch on XSIM as a remote control to take photos


        • After enabled, XSIM supports location reporting.
        • Support logging in by Facebook or QQ accounts.
        • Apple device must have data connection as well (via GPRS / 3G / 4G / WIFI)
        • In case the Bluetooth connection is lost, every missed incoming calls and messages will be reported to cloud by XSIM.
        • “SIMPlus” will store missed calls or messages history with XSIM location.
        • Whenever XSIM is low in battery, a notification will also be pushed to cloud as well.

           LED Power Indicator

          Solid Green Starting up / Shutting down
          Blinking Green & Red Waiting to pair with an Apple device
          Blinking Green (every 0.5s) Unable to register with operator /
          Bluetooth connection is lost
          Blinking Green (every 1 min) Registered with operator
          No Light Connected / Shut down