FAQ - XSTRIP Power Strip with USB Charging Ports And Smart Load Detection

XSTRIP Power Strip with USB Charging Ports And Smart Load Detection

► How many gangs are there in a USB power strip?

For UK type, there are two models (XPS-S1640 and XPS-1440): 6-Gang and 4-Gang, both equipped with individual on/off switch and LED light.

For US type (XPS-SB1340), there are 3 sockets and 4 USB charging ports. This USB power strip is mini in size but powerful in charging efficiency.


► There are so many outlets on the power strip, but can we use them at the same time?

Yes, you can. Both the AC outlets and USB ports can be used at the same time, which means that you can charge multiple devices at the same time. XStrip surge protector has smart load detection so that it will adjust the voltage and current for charging. The charging speed is stable and safe to use.


► What is so special about XStrip usb surge protector?

XStrip USB power strip is designed with Surge Protection and Smart Load Detection. Surge protection means it can absorb extra energy and protect your electrical devices from voltage spikes. For Smart Load detection, this USB power strip can automatically detect current and voltage requirement of different devices and optimize the charging process. Not only this unique design can protect your devices from overcurrent and overload, but also make your charging experience more efficient.


► What are the voltage and current of the outlets?

For UK surge protector (XPS-S1440 & XPS-S1640), the voltage is 250V and the current is 13A.

For US power strip (XPS-SB1340), the voltage is 240V and 6A for USB outputs.


► Does XStrip surge protector consist any USB ports?

Yes, both UK type 4-Gang (XPS-S1440) and 6-Gang (XPS-1640) consist of 4 USB smart charging ports. These ports have smart load detection so that no overcharge or overheat will happen. Both XStrip and your device will be protected. For US type 3-Gang power strip (XPS-SB1340), there are also 4 USB charging ports for smartphones, power banks and small electronic devices etc.


► Is it safe to use XStrip USB power strip?

Yes, XStrip surge protector is certified by Intertek (BS1363, EN61000-3-3, BS5733, EN6100-3-2, EN60950-1, EN55024, MS589-2, EN55022, SS145-2), RoHS, CE, FCC and is safely designed for home and office use. There won’t be overcurrent, overcharge or overheat.


► Why there are LED lights on USB power strips?

For UK type power strips (XPS-S1440 & XPS-S1640), each sockets including the USB ports has a independent switch with blue LED light. It is designed since we want our products to be user-friendly. You will get notice when the sockets are on or off and easily locate your power strip at night.


► What is the size of XStrip surge protector?

For UK type 6-Gang (XPS-S1640), the size of USB power strip is 434 x 70 x 25mm. For 4-Gang (XPS-S1440), the size is 328 x 70 x 25mm. The length of the cable is about 2m. XStrip surge protector can be easily fit in small office or flat.

For US type power strip (XPS-SB1340), it is smaller than UK type with only 21.2cm in length. It consists 3 sockets and 4 USB ports which is sufficient for home and office use.