FAQ - XScreen Plus (1080P / 4K)

► Can I use a power bank for charging up XScreen Plus?

Yes, you can. However, for the 4K model, you need to use the Power Delivery Power Bank or the PD adapter for charging. If not, it may damage the built-in battery of XScreen Plus.

For the 1080P version, just use the standard power bank to charge it up.


► Do I need to charge up the monitor before I use it ?

Yes, please charge up before using it.


► Can I use my own power adapter for charging up XScreen?

Yes, you can. However, please note that not all the power adapter is suitable for XScreen models. 

For the XScreen Plus(1080P) model:

You can use your own power adapter with 5V/2A power output. Also, you can use the power bank for charging these models.

For the XScreen Plus (4K) model:

You can use your own power adapter with 12V/2A power output. Also, you can use the power adapter or power bank with POWER DELIVERY function to charge up XScreen Plus 4K model.

You can check the label on the power adapter to check it's power output.


► How to turn on the monitor?

There are 5 buttons on the right side of XScreen Plus model. After connecting the devices with all necessary cables, press the first button for about 5 seconds, the monitor will be turned on and all the pictures from your own device will be exported to XScreen Plus. 


►The operation time of XScreen Plus?

For XScreen Plus 1080P model, it can work for 4 to 5 hours. 

For XScreen Plus 4K model, it can work for 3 to 4 hours. 



►The re-charging time of XScreen Plus?

It can be fully recharged in around 4 to 5 hours.


►What is the response rate of XScreen Plus 4K Model?

 The response rate is 30ms.


► What is the refresh rate of XScreen Plus 4K Model?

It is 30 Hertz.


► What is the sRGB of XScreen Plus 4K Model?

It is 62%.


► What is the weight of XScreen Plus 4K Model?

XScreen 4K model is 1.05kg when it is without cover; and the XScreen 4K is with cover, it is 1.45kg.


► Can I use XScreen Plus and charging XScreen Plus simultaneously?

Yes, when you connect your device to XScreen, you can use the Type-C power charging port to charge XScreen.


► Any differences between the XScreen Plus 1080P models and 4K models?

Both of them share the same functions. The main difference between these two models is the resolution. 


► Both XScreen and XScreen Plus 1080P Model have the same resolution, how to choose between them?

They are different in the screen materials and weight. For XScreen Plus 1080P Model is using Metallic material which is heavier than the XScreen. Also, the design of these two models are different. You can base on your own preferences to choose the best portable monitor.

For XScreen Plus 1080P Model, there is an earphone jack which XScreen dose not have. If you need an earphone jack for video conference or playing games, you may choose the XScreen Plus model. 

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