FAQ - XMOUNT Automatic Wireless Charging Car Mount


► How to use the wireless charging car mount?


For detailed applications and actual demos, please visit the product page or video.


What is special about this wireless charging car holder?

With Qi fast charging zone, infrared sensor and sturdy mobile phone holder and other high-tech features, this automatic wireless charging car holder is an essential gadget for cars. You will be able to enjoy the most comfortable and convenient driving experience ever.

It is worth noting that the folder can automatically detect the size of the phone and adjust the width. It firmly occupies mobile phones of any size on the market.


► Why doesn't the folder move?

In order to activate the folder, infrared sensor and start charging, you need to insert the given USB Type-C cable into the charging car dock. The USB charging port is located on the bottom back of the car holder.


► Can I adjust the angle of the car mount?

You can rotate the 360° rotating nut behind the charging plate. It can be freely rotated to a horizontal screen or a vertical screen.


► Why is my smartphone not charging with Qi fast charging function?

In order to enjoy Qi fast charging, you need to make sure that your smartphone, charging cable, charging pad, and power supply supports fast charging. All these components are required. If successful, you will see a fast-charging notification on the phone screen.


► Why is it difficult to stabilize a car bracket with a windshield retainer?

First, please make sure the surface is clean and flat before sticking it on the windshield holder. In addition, please remove the plastic sticker on the stand before use.


► How to know if the car holder is activated?

There are LED lights on the left and right sides of the car holder. When you connect it to any power source, the red indicator light will light up. The automatic folder and infrared sensor will be activated. When you put the smartphone in, the blue indicator light will light up. This means your phone is charging. For Android smartphones, the indicator light will go out after charging is complete.

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