FAQ - XLOCK TSA Fingerprint Padlock


► Will this fingerprint padlock still be functional in extreme temperature conditions?

Yes, this fingerprint padlock can work normally at a temperature of -10°C to 50°C. Even in extremely cold or extremely hot weather, you can lock things up. The fingerprint padlock will not be affected by temperature.


► Does this fingerprint padlock have any certification?

Yes, this fingerprint padlock has been certified by the US Transportation Security Administration and has a high level of security. It also has FCC, CE, IP54, VCCi, and other certifications.


► I can't understand the application methods in user manual. What can I do?

On our XLOCK product page, there are demonstration videos for unlocking, adding fingerprints, and erasing fingerprint records. Watch the demo videos at any time, and hope you can understand these applications more clearly.


► What if I cannot unlock the fingerprint padlock by my finger?

If you fail to scan the registered finger, there is another way to unlock the fingerprint padlock, which is reset by the computer. You can follow the steps on the XLOCK product page and install the tool application at http://bit.ly/XLOCKapp.


► Is XLOCK only suitable for suitcases and suitcases?

Will not. In fact, you can use it on any occasion, such as locking your belongings in a hotel or duffel bag. You can use the hook anytime, anywhere.


► Why does the light flash in different colors?

For the blue light, it means that you have successfully scanned your finger or registered your fingerprint.

For red light, it means that you cannot scan your finger, please scan again until the blue light flashes 3 times.

For the "half red" "half-blue" indicator light, it means you can start scanning the registered fingers or press the hook to clear the fingerprint record.


► Only my fingerprint can unlock this fingerprint padlock?

Can't. You can store up to 20 fingerprints in this padlock. You can scan your finger or relatives and friends. However, if you want to add a new fingerprint, you need to scan the registered finger first to add more fingerprints. Please visit the XLOCK product page for a demo video.


► Do I need to charge the fingerprint padlock?

Yes, you can charge it via any USB charging cable. After charging, the fingerprint padlock XLOCK can be unlocked 500 times.


► Can I still unlock the lock if it runs out of battery?

No, but you can use the power bank to charge immediately. After charging, you can unlock XLOCK. A fully charged XLOCK can be unlocked 500 times, which is very convenient for travelers. You can also unlock it with the TSA key.