FAQ - XMIR LED Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror




► How heavy is this travel makeup mirror?

This travel vanity mirror with LED lighting is pocket-sized and suitable for travelers. It weighs only 250 grams.


► Does this mirror have magnifying functions?

Yes, this mirror has two mirrors. One is a 1x mirror and the other is a 7x magnifying glass. A 7x magnifying glass can help you see the skin and eyes clearly so that your makeup is always flawless.


► Can I adjust the lights of the travel makeup mirror?

Yes, you can. There are 4 levels of brightness. You can long-press the button to adjust the intensity.


► How can I charge this travel makeup mirror?

You need to put in three AAA batteries for daily use. If the battery of the travel vanity mirror runs out, you can plug in the USB cable and connect it to any power source. The USB cable is provided in the package.


► Is this makeup mirror metal or plastic?

The makeup mirror is made of ABS, PC, and metal. The height of the mirror can be adjusted by extending the metal bracket. It can stand firmly and meet at different angles and heights.


► Can I charge the travel makeup mirror with power bank?

Yes, you can use a USB cable to charge the travel vanity mirror and connect it to any power source, including a power bank or a power strip USB port.