Why We Need Sim Card Adapters

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Why we need sim card adapters for different sims or dual sims smartphone?


In the previous blog, we get to know more about different types of sim cards and how we can insert sim cards into different types of smartphone. (If you have not read it yet, please click HERE.) So this time, we will discuss more on the importance of sim card adapters. Why we need sim card adapters and how to change sim cards properly.


First, what is sim card adapter?

We can use sim card adapter to put our micro-sim card into a smartphone or device that only fits a normal size sim card. Sim card adapters allow the user to use their micro-sim cards with any phones that only takes a normal size sim card. We can also use it to transfer daily contacts between two different smartphones that take different size SIM cards. For all the SIM sizes (except embedded SIM), you can use an adapter to move from small to big. For example, you can insert a nano-SIM card into a micro-SIM adapter to use it with a micro-SIM device, or you can insert a micro-SIM card into a mini-SIM adapter. 

Why We Need Sim Card Adapters - Lexuma blog sim card slot double sim dual sim

There are three kinds of SIM around: standard, micro and nano. Standard SIMs were the original and tend to appear in much older phones, such as the Galaxy S2 and HTC Desire HD. The next and final size is the smallest, the nano SIM. You’ll find nano SIM slots in the iPhone 5 onwards and on Android devices. 


Little tips on using sim card adapters:

When we put a nano sim card in a micro sim slot, we need to choose the proper sized adapter which perfectly fit the nano sim card. A loose-fitting sim card can get stucked inside the sim card slot and this can cause damage to the phone's delicate innards. Therefore, the quality of the sim card adapter is very important. If the adapter requires tape or sticky plastic to hold the sim card in place, it means the sim card adapter cannot fit the sim card perfectly. Make sure that the sim card does not fall out when you place it on the adapter.


Please check the following points:

1. Check whether the adapter is faulty, bent or broken.

2. Check whether the contact part is flat when inserting the nano sim into the adapter.

3. Please do not bend the adapter

4. To insert the sim adapter in the sim card slot, please do it slowly. Do not do it by force.


Why We Need Sim Card Adapters - Lexuma blog 辣數碼 sim card for smartphones iphone android


How to choose sim card adapter:

The most important criteria is that the adapter needs to be precisely cut so there is no gap between the adapter and the edge of the card. It should be stiff and won't flex during insertion or removal. We don't need to use tape or sticky backings to hold the SIM in place. After we insert the sim card and restart the smartphone, the data should be properly transfered to the new phone.


Why We Need Sim Card Adapters - Lexuma blog nano sim micro sim dual sim


Apart from this type of sim card adapter that help you switch between different size of sim card, there is also another type of sim card adapter. Lexuma XSIM dual sim card adapter is an iPhone Dual Sim Adapter that can make your iOS device become a 2-sim standby smartphone. Simply put your second Sim card into XSIM and pair up with your iPhone. You can then start making calls and sending messages anywhere anytime. Check out more NOW.

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